Over 40 years of dance experience!

If you remember Miss Joy or Miss Rhonda then you know where dance began in Albion. Miss Joy sold the Christ Church Dance School Business to Miss Rhonda in 1974. In 1991 when Miss Rhonda moved locations she renamed the business Spotlight Studio. Miss Rhonda then groomed Miss Rachael to take over Spotlight in 2001. Miss Rachael moved the studio to its current location in 2007.You can still see Miss Rhonda backstage at every recital.
Come take from the studio that has the dance history in Albion!

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116 N. Main St

Albion, NY 14411

Phone: 585-391-3155

E-mail: missrachael.dance@gmail.com

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Miss Rachael - 116 North Main Street - Albion, NY 14411 - 585-589-1648