Production Schedule

Begins Thursday, February 28


Tuesdays -

4:45 Jr Company


5:30 Hakuna Mattata, combo,You've Got A Friend In Me, The Mob Song 

        Ballet-For The First Time in Forever, Combo,Part Of Your World,Evermore

Sr Company

7:00 Hasta Lavista/ Push It to The Limit/ combo

7:45 Point,Lyrical, Sr Jazz

8:30 Sr Jazz and Adult

Tuesday *Miss Serina's classes 5,5:30,6:30 will remain the same I Just Can't Wait to Be King Jazz will move to 7:45

If she has to go out early we may need to make adjustments


Thursdays- Miss Rachael

4:45 Sr Company March 21

5:20 Finale (Feb 28)

Step Lyrical (Feb 28)

6:30 Gymnastics ends April 18

6:45 Acting meeting #1 March 21





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