Registrations are in August and September

For specific class schedule and a registration form please contact: or call 585-391-3155 or attend registration at the studio.

An enrollment commitment to classes is important for scheduling, group size, and making classes affordable for all of our students. There are several times over the past few years when students register for classes and do not attend or drop the class in the first week or two. Therefore, we will charge an enrollment of $10 per student. If a student drops a class there will not be any refunds. If a student is paying in full for the year at registration a enrollment commitment is not due. If an annual payment is made there are no refunds. Thank you for your understanding and commitment to Spotlight Studio.
Attendance is the key to success. Please let your instructor know if you are aware you will be unable to attend a class ahead of time. When you are ill it is courteous to leave a message on the studio phone to inform your instructor that you will not attend.
Students absent from class are still responsible for payment.
If a student misses 4 classes in a row they will be required to schedule a make up class with their teacher.
If a student misses 5 or more classes in a row there will be a make up class scheduled along with the private lesson fee to be paid.
The director has the right to drop a student from a class or a dance when a student misses 4 classes in a row. Written notice is required when dropping a class. Until the written notice is received the family is responsible for payments.
Waiting area:
Parents please drop students off only 5 minutes prior to their class time. There is not adult supervision in the waiting area.
Students please wait for your class quietly. Keep all of your belongings on the shelves in the waiting room. Parents and students need the bench and chairs to sit on. At any time a child/teen that is not a student of Spotlight may be asked to leave the waiting area by an instructor, if they are not being courteous and respectful. If you bring your cell phone into the studio space it must be off or on silent and left on the table.
Drinks are provided in the refrigerator for your convenience. Please pay 75 cents when taking a drink so that more drinks can be purchased for the following week.
Body suits, tight fitting shirts, dance pants, shorts, capris and tights are all acceptable clothing.
NOT ACCCEPATBLE: Denim Jeans, dress pants, or khaki pants

Level 1-8 black paten leather level 1-6 white slippers foot undies
Level 9 and up black split sole tie level 7 + black split sole jazz
Tie or slip on
ballet pointe
hip hop

white ballet slippers pink pointe shoes black hip hop sneakers
SR & JR Tech

Character shoes (girls)
bare feet 
black split sole jazz slip on
Cell phone policy- Students may have cell phones in the dance room on silent. Phones may be checked between classes only, not during class. Students may not carry their phones on their person while taking a class.

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